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Barbeques Galore (Aust) Pty Limited


What are my payment options?

Barbeques Galore accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express only. PayPal is not available.

What delivery options are available and how much will delivery cost?

Barbeques Galore offer both physical and digital Gift Cards. Posted gift cards will be attached to a carrier and sent via Australia Post within 5 days of order approval - delivery fee of $4.95 applies. Digital gift cards take between 24 - 72 hours to be sent to your choice of email. Usually processing times take 24 hours in business hours, however if digitally gift cards are ordered after 4pm on a Friday they will not be processed until the following working day.

Can I pick up my Gift Card order at a nominated Barbeques Galore Store?

No, all Gift Card orders purchased online will need to be delivered to your nominated address.

What is the minimum number of gift cards required for an order?

The minimum quantity of gift cards required for an order is one (1).

Are there different gift card designs available?

Barbeques Galore offer one standard physical gift card design only and one digital gift card design.

What is a Digital Gift Card and how do I redeem a digital gift card?

A Digital Gift Card is a Barbeques Galore Gift Card that is delivered via an email. It works in the same way as plastic gift cards work today. You choose the amount and message and the the digital gift card will emailed within 24 hours during business hours. If ordered after 4pm on a Friday the delivery will take up to 72 hours. Print the digital gift card and take into a Barbeques Galore store redeem.

How do I download my Barbeques Galore Digital Gift Card?

Open the email received from ‘Barbeques Galore Digital Gift Cards’ on your mobile device and click on the gift card link.

Can I nominate another person and/or company to receive my gift card order?

Yes. You can order your gift cards and have the order delivered to any person.

Do gift cards ordered from Barbeques Galore expire?

Yes. Barbeques Galore Gift cards expire 3 years from the order being placed.

Where can I redeem Barbeques Galore Gift Cards?

Barbeques Galore gift cards can be redeemed at any Barbeques Galore store across Australia and online via the Barbeques Galore website See for store locations.

Can I reload gift cards?

No. Once a gift card has been loaded, the card's value cannot be increased.

What if a gift card is lost or stolen?

Once gift cards are activated they should be treated like cash as lost or stolen gift cards cannot be replaced or refunded.

Can I create a customised message for my Gift Card Presentation Folder/Carrier?

No, unfortunately not at this time but this is something we will offer in the future.

How do I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order by calling the Gift Card Help Desk 1300 554 268.

Need more information?

For more information please contact the Barbeques Galore Gift Card Help Desk on 1300 554 268